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What we did ?
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The challenge

Compliment is a Brussels-based startup that provides custom vitamin recommendations based on diets & health goals.

Initially, co-founders Victor Boels & William Detry started Compliment as an e-commerce B2C webshop offering personalized vitamin packs to students. However, they soon realized that their customer acquisition cost was too high & their margins were not sufficient to cover the cost.

This led them to shift their business model to a B2B2C SaaS platform that simplifies patient support for nutritionists, dietitians, doctors & other health professionals, named Compliment PRO. 💊

To make this transition successful they needed an app development agency that could help them build a scalable & user-friendly platform that could provide value to all stakeholders.

That's where Nightborn came in! 🚀

The solution
A one-stop platform for health professionals

Together with Compliment, the Nightborn team developed a one-stop platform for health professionals where they can access all the products they need, patients can purchase their supplements with ease & labs can sell their products to Compliment's audience through the app.

To improve the business logic of the platform, we started by creating Compliment's own backend in which we also implemented automation with Make & cronjobs. Additionally, we enhanced the designs & made the code cleaner.

Next, we refactored the entire application using new technologies such as React & Typescript. We replaced Hasura with Orval to communicate with the new backend & built in Golang using the Gin web framework for the HTTP layer & Gorm to communicate with the database. We also rethought this entire database & migrated old data to new ones, allowing us to be more modular & standardized. 🥸

To accommodate the significant increase in the number of products, we enhanced the catalog with a powerful search bar & filters, while providing additional information about product details to make it easier for users to find what they need.

Throughout the project, we provided consultancy services as a sort of external CTO, proactively identifying potential issues & suggesting ways to improve the project.

Final words

The collaboration between Compliment & Nightborn is a great example of a partnership that goes beyond providing development services. We went above & beyond to ensure that Compliment's platform was scalable, user-friendly & provided value to all stakeholders.

In the end, the Nightborn team successfully helped Compliment build an efficient platform that streamlines the process of purchasing & selling healthcare products.

In an interview with us, Victor Boels shared his story on how he & William Detry co-founded Compliment, how he experienced his first years in business & which role Nightborn played in bringing their vision to life. Check out this story about partnership & entrepreneurship HERE.

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