Your path to publishing - How we successfully launch your app on the App Store & Google Play

Nightborn - A path to publishing - How we launch your app

Do you have a brilliant business idea that you're eager to convert into a mobile app? One vital yet often complex stage is navigating the app store submission process. That's where we, Nightborn, step in. 😎

This guide is specifically crafted to illustrate how we assist our clients & aspiring entrepreneurs, through the successful submission process for both Apple's App Store & Google's Play Store.

Rest assured, with Nightborn, your vision is in expert hands.

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Nightborn - A Path to publishing - Development Phase

Development Phase

Embarking on the journey of app creation is an exhilarating step & we treat it with the excitement it deserves. We start by understanding your vision & business objectives, ensuring they're the driving force behind all stages of development.

Creating your app, whether for iOS or Android, involves multiple crucial steps. Depending on your app's complexity, specific features & the level of customization required, the development timeline typically ranges between 1 to 6 months. Our talented team will guide you throughout this full process.

πŸ‘‰ For iOS apps, we utilize the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), a comprehensive set of tools that enable us to craft your app from the ground up. Adhering to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines is key for us, it guarantees your app's usability aligns seamlessly with Apple's standards, offering a familiar & user-friendly experience to iOS users.

πŸ‘‰ But our expertise isn't limited to iOS. We're equally adept at translating your ideas into Android applications. We navigate the unique elements of the Google Play Store, using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for robust, high-performing & user-centric apps. We strictly adhere to Google's Material Design guidelines, offering a unified & enjoyable user experience consistent with what Android users expect.

In essence, whether your sights are set on the App Store, the Google Play Store, or both, we equip your app with the technology & design proficiency it needs to excel.

Nightborn - A path to publishing - Information Gathering

Information Gathering

Our next step involves creating a compelling identity for your app on both the App Store & Google Play Store. To achieve this, we work closely with you to gather key information that includes your app's title, description, screenshots & a unique identifier: Bundle ID for iOS & Application ID for Android.

But... The process of crafting your app's identity is much more than just collecting data. It's about embodying your brand's ethos & aligning it with your target audience's expectations.

We understand that your app's title & description are not just identifiers but powerful tools for organic search optimization. Hence, we delve into strategically incorporating relevant keywords & balancing discoverability with brand messaging. Simultaneously, we focus on creating impactful, eye-catching screenshots that provide a visual glimpse into your app's functionality & aesthetics to ensure your app's presentation is captivating, showcasing its unique value proposition effectively. πŸ’«

As mentioned in the first paragraph, your app's unique Bundle ID (for iOS) or Application ID (for Android) is also crucial. It serves as a unique fingerprint for your app, used by the respective stores to identify updates or new releases. We guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience.

At Nightborn, every step taken is a stride toward enhancing your app's presence in the marketplace. We ensure that your app not only aligns with your vision but also resonates with your target audience.

Nightborn - A path to publishing - Developer Program Enrollment

Developer Program Enrollment

We believe in empowering our clients while managing the technicalities on their behalf. That's why, to bring your app to life on the App Store & Google Play Store, there are necessary requirements to be met, which include enrolling in the respective developer programs.

πŸ‘‰ For the App Store, you'll need to join the Apple Developer Program, which, as of our knowledge cut-off in July 2023, comes with an annual fee of $99. It's crucial for you, as the app's owner, to enroll in this program to retain complete ownership & control over your application. Once enrolled, Nightborn can be added to your team on App Store Connect. This enables us to handle the technicalities of the submission process, while you maintain ultimate oversight.

πŸ‘‰ Similar procedures apply to the Google Play Store. Google Play Console is required, costing a one-time registration fee of $25 as of July 2023. We highly recommend that you register this account in your name to ensure that ownership remains with you. Upon registration, you can grant Nightborn access to manage the app on your behalf, letting us take care of the intricate details, while you remain the decision-maker.

In essence, at Nightborn, we facilitate the process of getting your app on the market, ensuring that you remain in control, while we shoulder the complexities of the technical process.

Nightborn - A path to publishing - Testing the App

Testing the App

We don’t just create apps... we ensure they’re polished to perfection!

Before your app is ready to make its mark on the App Store or Google Play Store, it goes through an extensive testing process to ensure that every feature & and every interaction works flawlessly.

πŸ‘‰ For iOS apps, we employ a tool called TestFlight, an Apple-designed platform perfect for beta testing. It gives us, and importantly you, the opportunity to test the app in a controlled environment similar to the final user experience.

πŸ‘‰ For Android apps, a similar process is conducted using Google Play's native testing capabilities.

This rigorous testing stage typically spans 1-2 weeks & it's where your involvement becomes particularly invaluable. Known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT), this is your opportunity to get a first-hand experience of your app. You can navigate its features, experience its user interface & test its performance. Your feedback at this stage is critical, enabling us to fine-tune the app to meet not just your expectations, but also your end users’.

We understand the power of collaboration & this testing phase highlights it. Your insights combined with our expertise ensure the app is refined & ready to deliver a fantastic user experience upon launch.

πŸ’‘ Want to learn more about our methods to test your app πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬?

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Nightborn - A path to publishing - Submitting for Review

Submitting for Review

We understand the critical importance of submitting your app for review, as it represents a significant milestone toward making your app available to the public. This step requires meticulous attention to detail.

Our guidance begins with helping you establish an accurate content rating for your app. This rating is crucial for both platforms as it informs users about the maturity level of your app's content, enabling them to make informed decisions during the app download process.

πŸ‘‰ For the Google Play Store, we assist you in accurately filling out the content rating questionnaire, portraying your app's content & functionality with precision.

πŸ‘‰ For the App Store, the rating process varies slightly. Apple employs its own rating system based on age appropriateness, with categories set at 4+, 9+, 12+ & 17+. We work closely with you to answer Apple's content-related questions, ensuring that your app receives an appropriate age rating based on themes such as violence, sexual content, profanity & more.

Once your app has successfully undergone rigorous testing & achieved the necessary content rating, we take charge of the submission process.

πŸ‘‰ For the App Store, we submit your app via App Store Connect, where it undergoes a thorough review by the Apple team.

πŸ‘‰ Similarly, for the Google Play Store, we submit your app for review, ensuring it aligns with the Google Play Store Developer Policies.

During the review process, we actively monitor the status of your app, swiftly addressing any feedback or requests for changes that may arise. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate a seamless & successful review process, ensuring your app's compliance, performance & reputation are safeguarded.

Nightborn - A path to publishing - Releasing the App

Releasing the App

After your app has been approved by the respective review teams, it's time for the most thrilling part of the journey: launching your app to the world! We understand that a successful launch can set the stage for the continued success of your app.

πŸ‘‰ For the App Store, we will collaborate with you to strategize the timing & the territories where your app will be made available. This ensures that your app's launch aligns with your broader business strategy & the needs of your target audience.

πŸ‘‰ Similarly, for the Google Play Store, once your app has been approved, we will work closely with you to decide on the optimal strategy for your app's release. We take into account various factors such as your target audience, potential regional preferences, marketing strategy & your business goals.

The launch of your app on the App Store & Google Play Store is more than just making your app accessible to users. It is about crafting a launch strategy that maximizes visibility, attracts your target users & creates a strong starting point for your app's lifecycle.


Nightborn - Your path to publishing - Summary


Turning your unique business idea into a successful app is an exciting journey. Understanding the app store submission process is crucial to its success. Whether you're launching your first app or expanding your digital portfolio, Nightborn is here to guide you every step of the way.

But remember, publishing an app is not something you can do overnight or right away. It requires careful planning, development, & adherence to app store guidelines. With our expertise, your dream app is just a few steps away from reaching your target audience and driving your business forward. Trust us to navigate the complexities & ensure a seamless app store submission process.

Let's work together to bring your app to life & set you on the path to digital success! πŸ’™

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