Good chocolate, Parkinson charity and a web app for the good cause.

NewTree web application made by Nightborn
What we did ?
UX Design
UI Design
The challenge

Newtree and the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity combined the useful with pleasure with the creation of 3 delicious chocolates. The profits from their sales will be used to support promising scientific research for Parkinson's disease.

This year, Proximus, the biggest telecom company in Belgium has decided to let its employees choose their end-of-year gift including the Newtree 'Chocolates for Parkinson'.

Counting thousands of employees, Proximus and Newtree had to find a way to easily distribute the gifts to the staff member who chose the Newtree chocolate, across a dozen of Proximus offices.

The Solution
A powerful web app for a seamless distribution

The first phase of the project consisted of sending personalized mail containing a unique code to every Proximus employee who chose the Newtree chocolate. The unique code was used to redeem your gift.

We designed and developed a custom web app for Newtree’s employees that helped them input and verify those unique codes and ensure a smooth distribution across 12 Proximus offices in Belgium

Final Words

With more than 4.000 thousand gifts distributed across 12 Proximus offices in Belgium, the collaboration between Newtree, Proximus and Nightborn was quite successful. Thanks to this special chocolate range, Newtree, and Demoucelle Parkinson Charity managed to raise tens of thousand euros that will help the research for Parkison's disease. We are proud to have been able to bring our expertise and support for such a cause.

Want to support the cause and enjoy a piece of tasty chocolate?

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