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Nightborn - Mockup HappiK App
What we did ?
UX design
UI design
User Testing
The challenge

Today, each service voucher agency has a unique way of managing its operations. Schedules, unforeseen issues, client complaints, payments... Operating a service voucher agency can be complicated and messy.

HappiK wants to bring simplicity to the world, it wants its app to be an assistant that facilitates the daily life of all stakeholders by allowing the agency, the clients, and the housekeeper to communicate more efficiently.

The main challenge was to work alongside HappiK, first on the UX Design, by interviewing all stakeholders and understanding their pains and needs. This first phase was crucial to define the first features of the MVP. In the second phase, we created the first UI Design and interactive prototype of the HappiK application.

Our close collaboration with HappiK helped us to gain a better understanding of the users' work and daily routine, allowing us to create the app they need.

The Solution
We built an easy-to-use web application that answers user's needs and pains

Through this application, the housekeeper can register her service in detail (confirmations, hours, delays, problems, cancellations, vacations, schedules, etc...). It will also serve the client and the agency by giving them the possibility to enter their experiences and their feedback on the service to close and proceed to payment.

After designing the app's first MVP and creating our first interactive prototypes, we did user testing to collect feedback from our users. This allowed us to generate a report on the detailed use of the prototype. Based on the testers' input, we quickly adapted the designs and optimized the features before jumping into the app's development.


The interface for the three stakeholders (agency, client, and household help) is visually similar, but each has different functionalities tailored to their needs.
The colors used for the branding inspire trust and honesty, it allows the user to enjoy the app with a zen and a relaxed mindset.

Final Words

HappiK reduces your administrative and mental burdens, as well as the burdens of your household help. It assists at the level of the service voucher agency, allowing them to analyze and understand their housekeepers and, where possible, improve management.

HappiK's objective is to launch the first MVP this summer after a long UX process and the creation of the app's first interactive prototypes, allowing agencies and housekeepers to experience an entirely new way of managing their jobs.

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