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What we did ?
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The challenge

With the rise of the gaming industry, every amateur player can dream of becoming a pro-gamer, competing against the very best, and earn money while playing.

Galea, a promising startup that started as an E-sport Facebook community, launched an application that gives the power back to the players and lets them organize tournaments between each other. From your basement or your couch, Galea gives players the chance to play tournaments that matter. With Galea, you're in control of your destiny.

Last summer, Galea came to us, asking our team to help them create their app in 40 days (40 days 🤯, you read that correctly). But who doesn't love a good old tight deadline, right?


The Solution
A web application to organize E-sport tournaments

Creating Galea was a process that has been thought out from A to Z. We had to understand gamer's behaviors and habits and to create the best user experience.

We designed and developed a web application that allows players to easily organize their own E-sport tournaments. Players can define their rules, their console, and their prize. Galea is all about giving the freedom of customization to the users.

Galea is also about its community. Invite other players to your tournament, chat with them, and find new opponents to compete with.


We used realistic icons to make it easier for players to find their way around, while adding a touch of contrast with bright gradients.

Final Words

Thanks to the application, creating and managing E-sport tournaments has never been easier. Galea's team only spends 5 minutes doing what used to take them 2 hours.

Galea is a rookie in the Gaming App industry, but its goal is to become one of the references by constantly improving its application with innovative features.

With Galea, it's your tournament, your game, your rules, and your rewards.

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