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What we did ?
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The challenge

Efluenz is a full-service Influencer Marketing Agency that brings together the top influencers for brands. 🤳

They provide high-quality campaign opportunities for content creators using a database that embraces creative & innovative talent. Next, through clever storytelling & creative concepts, they create meaningful connections with customers.

Efluenz believes that the right people have the power to change the perception of consumers through social media. Their mission is to help brands or companies increase their Return On Investment (ROI) and achieve their business goals thanks to the best nano & micro-influencers in Belgium.

Their close relationship with influencers & the audience is what makes them a key element for every successful Influencer Marketing campaign. 💪

Nightborn’s mission was to create a tool that allows Efluenz's team to manage their campaigns by facilitating communication & sharing content between their team, the influencers & the client.

The solution
Efluenz's mission is to create authentic connections

Nightborn created a web application for the Efluenz team on which they can fully manage each campaign. From automatically generating contracts to direct communication with the team, the client, or the various influencers. 

Influencers can share videos or pictures for each campaign in a centralized space on the web app. The content of this campaign is easily accessible to all stakeholders involved. Allowing the Efluenz team & clients to optimize & validate the created content before it’s published.

Guaranteeing the best high-quality content out there. 🔥

💡 Web App 🆚 Website, what's the difference?

Final words

Efluenz is empowered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team with diverse & exceptional educational backgrounds. This innovative team makes it possible to work with businesses in any industry. Collectively, they generate broader ideas & unique visions that enable companies to express their products & services creatively.

Their forward-thinking experts craft purpose-driven marketing strategies that enable companies to connect with their customers, grow & guarantee that all business marketing goals are met.

🙌 Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work together. It's a pleasure! We're very confident that in the upcoming years, Efluenz will definitely keep grabbing marketing & social media by the horns! 🤘

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