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What we did ?
User Testing
The challenge

Prediko is an easy-to-use and cost-effective inventory optimization platform, eliminating stockouts and overstock for e-commerce brands. Their plug & play software integrates with e-commerce "sales & marketing tools" and accounts for upcoming events to provide inventory forecasting and purchase order recommendations on autopilot.

Their objective is to become the number one supply chain partner of e-commerce brands. To do so, They need to act as an extension of their client's team. Which is partially done by design and customer experience 🤝.

Prediko first partnered with us to help them in creating their brand and everything that goes with it. Once the branding was done, they came back to collaborate on a new big assignment, which was the MVP development.

The Solution
Prediko is about growth

The first challenge was to elaborate Prediko's branding. We are talking here about creating the logo, the brand look & feel to make Prediko unique. Prediko is about growth. That’s the key message that is visually translated into Prediko’s logo.

The next stage was to develop the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Making an MVP allows us to quickly test if the product's idea is marketable and satisfies user expectations. It helps us in collecting user feedback and confirms our business strategy. An MVP is the best way to test the product on a specific market.

Why? Found out in this blog 👉 Why you should consider an MVP and how to create an effective one?


We made sure the design was correctly implemented. Fonts, Colors, Images,... There was no space for an unperfect UI. The Prediko logo visually combines a Growth Chart and the K of Prediko. The K is a strong letter both visually and verbally. That’s why it has been chosen as the main letter for the logo.

Final Words

To prepare this case study, we also had an interview with the CEO and co-founder of Prediko, Youri Moskovic. This ambitious entrepreneur wants to optimize every step of the way to make Prediko a very streamlined supply chain process for e-commerce companies by creating a whole supply ecosystem.

Interested in checking out this interview? Go to 👉 Meet Youri Moskovic, CEO of Prediko 👈

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