5 reasons why your business needs an app

Nightborn - 5 reasons why your business needs an app

How much time a day do you spend on your phone? I bet many of you are doing it right now as you read this. Smartphones are used by 67% of the total population worldwide, it's part of our lives and strongly influences us. With near 490 million NEW social media users in 2020, mobile apps are getting bigger and bigger.

If you need more arguments to convince you that your company needs a mobile app, here are a few that you should pay attention to. 👇

Nightborn - A mobile app offers new User experience

1. Offers new user experience (UX)

By offering users new features, you enable them to achieve technological satisfaction by providing a product/service experience that meets their needs and insights. Through his smartphone, the user will be attracted to your service in an innovative, intuitive, and fast way. Making the experience more powerful and reassuring than if they were using the web.

Moreover, your business will benefit from this utility, reducing the intermediaries between teams and customers. An application is a strategy that feeds your brand and contributes to a guaranteed ROI while building customer loyalty.

Nightborn - A mobile app offers adde value and higher customer engagement

2. Offers added value and higher customer engagement

Either a web or mobile application will add value to your product or service. An app can fill the users' needs because it will simplify the use and make it more pleasant. It's a great way to keep customers engaged with your business by encouraging them to browse through offers on an app rather than on a traditional website.

👉 Activate users with notifications, attract them to open the app, and get them to engage with others.

The added value of creating an app will motivate customers to interact with the brand. Assume that your customer enjoys using your product or service. In that case, it will increase his confidence in ordering what you have to offer and provide you with data to help you to optimize the user experience.

Nightborn - A mobile app increases your brand awaraness and visibiliy

3. Increases your brand awareness and visibility

Building an application strengthens your brand awareness, creates a positive image, and increases visibility among customers. Studies have shown that the average user time spent is more than 4 hours a day.

They spent 50% of their time on social media and communication apps. This demonstrates how you can use social media to influence online customers and boost your brand's visibility when launching an app. Thinking in terms of the user with great user interfaces (UI), customized for their needs and aligned with the brand identity, will generate interactions that drive customers to purchase or interact.

A well-designed and easy-to-use application with attractive features will definitely raise awareness.

💡 We'll give you an example. Check out the UX, UI, and branding we did for 👉Easyllabus👈

Nightborn - A mobile app builds a robust database and catches customer insights

4. Builds a robust database and catches customer insights

Being a company and having a mobile application is becoming more common in today's world. As a brand/company, it's necessary to have a relevant and detailed database that allows you to meet your customers' needs. It's possible to collect more information and data about users, based on their behavior and occupation, by creating an application.

The app and database will allow you to get to know your consumer and understand his needs, as well as improve the user experience by delivering the added value.

Nightborn - A mobile app contributes to the marketing strategy

5. Contributes to the Marketing Strategy

Building and coding a mobile app is a marketing strategy that is in tune with the zeitgeist, current trends, and user expectations. Using an application for marketing allows you to provide information about your brand, product, or services, showcase product listings, and deliver direct chats through push notifications. By doing this, you will create a connection with your customers and possible leads.

A mobile application touches the heart of the target who interacts with the app. It isn't a marketing intrusion to talk about its product or service on its application, it's direct communication that provides sufficient information, reduces costs, and allows you to invest your money in a tailored app instead of external advertising.

💡 Obviously, as an app development agency, we provide these services 😉.

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Last word

Given these reasons, you understand that if your business can gain customers by developing a mobile or web application, you should consider doing so and putting yourself on the road to success. On the other hand, it isn't necessary if your business and customers don't require it.

Building apps isn't only useful for external users and customers, but also for businesses. It will allow a B2B company to work more efficiently, not only for the sake of customer insights but also to enhance the way your team works.

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