15 ways to promote your app for free

Nightborn - 15 ways to promote your app for free

Once your application is finished, you're proud. The application is the product resulting from understanding your audience and providing efficient solutions for their problems. However, the story does not end there.

Your audience needs to be aware of the application's existence once it's ready to use. This means promoting your app!Β This process can require a lot of resources πŸ’°πŸ’Έ. However, there're additional ways to promote your app for free. You may or may not be aware of them yet. But that's why we're here πŸ˜‰, and in the following paragraphs, we'll go over the various possibilities with you.

Promoting your app for free will only cost you time and we're confident that if you follow our tips you will get a significant increase in the number of followers and downloads.

1. Create a website or landing page

If the app is related to your existing business, you could dedicate a whole page to the app on your website or include it in a section on your website to improve awareness.

If you decide to create a unique landing page for your app, make sure to mention the problems that your app solves: the features & benefits of the app, and clearly explain how to properly use it. You could also include some customer experiences with your app to confirm its utility. Never forget to include the download link, in the end, you want your visitors to download your app.

Creating a landing page is definitely a must in order to kickstart your mobile app marketing that will increase your visibility through search engines.

2. Write and get featured in blogs

Include your app in one or multiple relevant blog posts. This is basically free exposure. You can also dedicate an entire blog to your app and make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) with a download link.

When you decide to write an entire blog about the app, make sure the origin and purpose of the app are highlighted. To provide the customer with a better understanding of your app and a smoother reading experience, try to use high-quality images and/or videos.

It's also beneficial if your app appears on other blogs that your target audience frequents. Find high-quality blogs in your niche and reach out to industry experts to see if they'd be interested in writing about your app. Because of the increase in backlinks to your website, your app will gain more visibility through the blog and the website.

3. Send emails and newsletters

If your app is related to an existing business, and you already have a mailing list, then use it to reach your customers through emails and newsletters.

This is an opportunity to promote your app by reaching out to your customers, even before launching your application. Create an announcement newsletter that includes a description of the app, an explanation of its features, and how it can help customers. Again... Don't forget to add that call-to-action to download the app.

If you want to grow your contact base for your new app, make sure to include the button "I want to receive more news about the app" within your app and use emails to ask for their feedback regarding the project. Because asking for feedback can lead to the discovery of issues, unsatisfied customer needs, and unrealistic expectations. Not only is their input useful information, but it also includes your audience in the app's development.

4. Optimize your visibility in the App stores

Before hitting enter after typing a keyword to search for an app, Users can see multiple suggested apps based on that keyword. These results aren't random. They're shown because of their App Store Optimization which is related to the entered keyword. This is called the ASO.

To optimally make use of ASO you could study and analyze the most relevant keywords for your app as well as which keywords your app is responding to at the moment. Since there's so much competition, it's critical that your app appears at the top of searches.

5. Publish your app on alternative App stores

You might also consider releasing your app on alternative app stores to increase visibility and get more downloads.

Some examples are:

6. Add share features to your app

Include share options within your app so that users can share their content with others. This increases your app’s exposure. This exposure results in an increase in downloads.

7. Promote within existing apps

If you already have a number of apps, you may use them to promote your new one. To maximize app user engagement, it's recommended that the new app is promoted only through your relevant existing apps.

To boost engagement even more, you may offer your users a "reward" if they download the new app. This reward could be a free upgrade, new features, or a trial for the new app's higher-value option.

8. Be active on social media (duh...

If you have active social media accounts you can write posts regarding your app. Because it's always a good idea to interact in the comment section to increase engagement. As said, don’t forget to ask for feedback from your followers!

If you really want to build a community around your app you could create a unique page dedicated to your app. In this environment, your audience can discuss content, give feedback, and share ideas regarding your app. Make sure to regularly check this page and engage with your followers to optimize engagement.

You could also use the name of your app as a hashtag, and promote it on your social media accounts. If your app hits the trending pages it will be exposed to an even greater audience. πŸš€

πŸ“± Check out our social media accounts:

9. Join relevant groups

By joining groups on social media & other platforms, you get to connect with potential customers and increase your network.

You could include your own post asking for feedback on the app as the subject. This allows you to expand your network while also receiving valuable feedback and ideas. 🀝

10. People love videos, so make one

Promo & demo videos can also be posted on your social media accounts and added to your website. Demos provide viewers with a visual experience and help them understand what's going on.

For example πŸ‘‰ Our process video πŸ‘ˆ

11. Be active on forums

Use forums if your app is focused on a niche market.

You might also add the link to your app in your signature by becoming an active participant on a forum about your topic. Each time you post on that forum, you gain exposure. 🀟

12. Ask for reviews and feedback

Include the possibility to send feedback within your app. This results in a lower threshold for the user since the feedback option is rapidly available. Additionally, encourage users to leave a review of the app in the app store. These reviews can increase your position in searches and ranking.

A happy user is a user who will refer your app to his friends and relatives.

13. Get featured in the press, podcasts, and everywhere else you can

Try to get featured on several platforms. For example, you could try to be a guest speaker on podcasts that are related to your target audience.

Another possibility is to get featured on app review sites. Product Hunt is one such example. It's important to convince the app review site's owners with a well-prepared pitch.

It's also possible to cross-promote apps. When the other app is complementary to yours, it's the best-case scenario. This increases relevance for both audiences.

14. Partner with influencers

Provide influencers free access to your app's features. If they use the app and like it, they could decide to write a positive post/review about your app. Choose your influencers wisely by screening their relevance and target audience in comparison to your target audience.

πŸ’‘ Where do you find these influencers? Well, take a look at our friends of Efluenz 🀳

15. Submit your app to award competitions

To acquire more exposure, you may enter an app award competition. If you win you will also gain more credibility. Along with these advantages, you could get more reviews and maybe even some press coverage.

Here are a few award competitions you could consider entering:

In conclusion

There are a number of ways to promote your app. This doesn't necessarily mean you need a large budget. There're plenty of free promotional methods you could use as shown in this blog. It's definitely worth thinking about adding one or more free promotion methods.

Note that most of these promotional methods involve customer feedback, which can be very valuable both for your product development and your customer engagement.

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